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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect on my first visit?

A comprehensive evaluation will be completed by a licensed physical therapist. The evaluation consists of a thorough history and physical examination, which will enable the therapist to get a better understanding of your condition and problems. This information is used to develop a plan of care to improve your condition. The first visit usually takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete the necessary registration paperwork and the evaluation.

What types of treatment may I receive?

After your initial evaluation your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan that will target your specific problem areas. Treatment will depend on the problems identified in the initial evaluation. Treatment usually falls into four categories, pain relieving modalities, therapeutic exercises, functional exercises and education. Often times these areas overlap.

How long will my visit last?

Visits usually last approximately 45-60 minutes. This will vary according to your injury, current physical limitations and level of function.

How is my progressed measured?

Progress is assessed at each visit by your treating physical therapist. Your response to previous treatment will be assessed and your program will be modified to obtain maximum benefit from physical therapy visits. Formal re-evaluations are completed at monthly intervals. These reports are sent to your physician and insurance company.

Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

Most insurances cover physical therapy treatment. It is recommended that you contact your insurer prior to starting physical therapy to ensure that you do have coverage and that you understand your co-payments and deductibles, if any. Workers compensation and auto insurance usually covers physical therapy.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To receive physical therapy services, a referral from a physician licensed in the State of Hawaii is required by Hawaii state law. Physical therapists are not legally able to treat individuals without a referral regardless of whether you are paying out of pocket or an insurance company is paying for the services. Once you have a referral just call our office at 979-0700 to schedule an appointment.

What should I wear to my therapy visits?

For neck, shoulder and other upper extremity injuries we will need to examine your neck to your lower back. T-shirts, tank tops or halter tops (for women) are appropriate. For lower back, or lower extremity injuries, shorts can be a big help. We do provide gowns for all our patients.

What should I bring with me?

Your physical therapy prescription/referral form, your insurance card and/or any insurance information, and a picture I.D. X-rays, MRI, CT scans and other medical information are also helpful, but not required.

What do I do if I have an increase in symptoms?

While in physical therapy some patients notice worsening of their symptoms after treatment. This can occur due to a variety of reasons. Your physical therapist should inform you if you might experience increased symptoms after a particular days session. If you are concerned about increased symptoms please feel free to call us at any time during office hours. If the pain is severe you can also contact your physician or go to the nearest emergency room.

Who chooses which physical therapist I see?

At ORS we have well trained and competent physical therapists. To ensure our new patients are seen as soon as possible they are scheduled at the most convenient time available for the patient, depending on available openings in the schedule. If you wish to see a particular physical therapist or must have a particular day and time for your appointment you may have to wait several days to get an appointment.