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January 9, 2013

Eight years ago I was referred to ORS for physical therapy because I had no cartilage in my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lumbar vertebra. The three lowest vertebras in our spinal cord. I was in so much pain that I could not lift a medium size suitcase to put in the trunk of my car. The history to this story is such: I had been experiencing a lot of pain running during the 90s and at one point I started walking instead. This strategy worked for a while however, I was in constant pain unless I was moving. Suddenly, I could hardly walk to my car after a 9-hour flight and thus needed assistance getting my suitcase into the trunk of my car.

I was eventually referred to a physiatrist who did an MRI and told me that if I continued flying as a flight attendant, I would be in a wheelchair within 10 years. Well, as I hope you can understand, I was not willing to stay employed with the airline, even though I loved my job.

I took a medical leave and started physical therapy (PT) with Craig and his team. At that point and time, I was 50 something and followed all the instructions regarding stretching. I endured the pain from myotherapy, and got better. I was thrilled that I was able to walk without pain and eventually started walking almost every day.

Well, now 8 years later, I have had several episodes of excruciating pain in my back due to several reasons. I have experienced periods of total paralysis and have had to use steroids to improve my condition.

My last experience with my back giving me pain happened in August 2012. I was having so much pain in my lower back. My back doctor decided I should have physical therapy again for the first time in 8 years. I asked him if I could see Craig Nagata (ORS) again. I have had such an incredible experience with recovery to my back pain due to Craig, Sherry, Ann, and the rest of the staff. I want to thank them all and encourage anyone with chronic back pain to ask their referring doctor to recommend ORS.

Shirley F

"It has been said that good surgery can be made great with a good physical therapist. My case involved severe rotator cuff damage that required a tendon graft to repair it. My surgeon stated that I should achieve 80% recovery in range of motion and possibly 90% if I was lucky. After five months with Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists I have attained 95% of my range of motion. I was lucky to have found not only a good, but GREAT physical therapist.

John S.

"These are my heroes. Any new medical experience brings with it anxiety, but I felt welcome from the beginning. The staff at ORS is very experienced, professional, friendly and supportive. They treated me not only with respect but they genuinely cared about me and my progress. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere at ORS was very encouraging. They have put both my husband and me back on our feet, back on the golf course and feeling 100%

Dwyta S.

"As a lifetime runner and recently an Ultra Marathon runner, I had come to believe that running with nagging aches and pains was just a part of the natural aging process and something I would always have to live with. Running 70 plus miles a week with dull pain in your knees is no fun. Most recently I completed a double crossing of the Grand Canyon. A great run, but having to wear a knee brace on both knees made it very uncomfortable. I decided after that run to try anything. My orthopedic surgeon did not hesitate when he gave the referral for Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. I was told that "the (ASTYM) treatment may seem a bit unorthodox and you are not going to enjoy it but it will work" I have to say that now I run with no pain and no knee brace on either leg. Craig and the crew are my miracle workers. Since completing the therapy, I have done more than one Ultra distance run with NO pain. True professionals in every way and again I can only describe them as my miracle workers."

Jon G.

"I'm a very active person but recently I got injured while weight-training. I was diagnosed with tendinitis of the right elbow and a sprain of the lateral ulnar collateral ligament. I tried conventional physical therapy, which consisted of strengthening exercises, but after six sessions of it, the pain did not subside. An orthopedic surgeon suggested I get surgery, but I was a bit leery about that. I got a second opinion and was directed to Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. I was forewarned that the treatment could be painful, but I was willing to do anything to get back to training without being laid out from surgery. The first session of the ASTYM treatment was uncomfortable and slightly painful, but it showed great results. The pain subsided and my range of motion increased. I've received treatment over the past six weeks and I have been able to go back to my regular physical activity. I credit my quick and speedy recovery to ASYTM system of treatment and would recommend it to anyone."

Eddie B.

First let me say thank you, to the staff at ORS for making my recovery something I will never forget - or miss. Your tireless dedication and professionalism in serving your clients are second to none!! Your care, concern and compassion for what you do I will always remember. Being injured is no fun thing, and dealing with those who are can be no picnic. I appreciate your patience, care and humor that helped my recover so "painlessly"! I will miss you all. Again, thank you and God bless you all for all your hard work.

Gary S.

While training to run my first marathon, I began experiencing extreme pain anytime I attempted to run (which I later found out was Achilles tendinitis) once I reached the increased mileage portion of the training program. I developed the injury within weeks of the Honolulu Marathon and was scared that I wouldn't be able to participate. Craig Nagata treated me using the ASTYM method - I had no idea there was a treatment plan out there which allowed me not only to continue my training but to train as much as possible! I'm thrilled to say that my tendinitis was cured, which allowed me to meet my goal of successfully running the marathon in under 4 hours. Thank you ORS - you allowed me to check one off the bucket list!!
Kyle H.

Aloha Craig and the ORS Staff:

Thank you so much for the outstanding physical therapy service from ORS! My recovery from the manipulation procedure for my right frozen shoulder was SWIFT and is allowing me to return back to my job sooner than I expected and, most importantly, PAINFREE. I was also able to get back to 95% of my range of motion within three weeks of the shoulder manipulation because of the great job that ORS did.

Much of my success was in no small part due to the excellent service I received from ORS staff. I came to learn that it is a collaborative partnership between the patient and ORS staff that determines how quickly one recovers. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, patient and caring. I would highly recommend ORS for my family, friends and colleagues.

I am now able to enjoy the normal every day activities that I couldn't do when I had my frozen shoulder such as my favorite hobbies (e.g., gardening, hiking and weight training).